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About Keyword Density Checker


What is a Keyword Density Checker?


Keyword Density Checker will assist you to examine the keyword density of your internet page. Enter textual content or Page URL, and our tool will examine the density of your textual content simply as a search engine might do.


To discover keyword density, you will take the number of instances you've got referred to your keyword for your web page and divide it by the entire quantity of phrases on the web page. You can flip this ratio right into a percentage by multiplying your result by 100.


How is it beneficial?


Keyword density checker device enables the dimension in the percentage of the number of instances a keyword or word seems in comparison to the entire quantity of phrases in an internet web page. It may be used withinside the SEO method to decide the relevance of an internet web page for a keyword or keyword.


How to use it?


To decide the keyword density of a webpage, clearly divide the number of instances a given keyword is stated via way of means of the overall quantity of phrases at the page – the ensuing parent is the keyword density of that page.