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Password Encryption Utility

About Password Encryption Utility


What is a Password Encryption Utility?


Password encryption is the translation of login records right into a secret code. Industry-standard encryption is the simplest manner to obtain records protection because studying an encrypted password calls for decryption.


An encryption utility may be used to secure records. ... The record is selected, a password created and the encryption utility encrypts the records inside that record. To decrypt the records, the best password has to be entered earlier than it is going to be unencrypted and offered to you in its unique format.


How is it beneficial?


With this tool, you could save yourself from risky attacks by hackers for the safety of your website. Encryption is a powerful technique to gain most records security. You can not read an encrypted record without having access to a secret password or key to decrypt it. Encrypted records are cipher text.


How to use it?


Password Encryption Utility tool makes use of 3 techniques additionally regarded as encryption ciphers – the standard DES, MD5, and SHA-1. The standard uses a Unix DES-based encryption kind of algorithm; at the same time as MD5 makes use of the hash string that consists of a 32 character hexadecimal number; and SHA-1 makes use of the United States Secure Hash Algorithm 1.