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About Word Counter


What is a Word Counter?


The word count is the number of words in a record or passage of textual content. Word counting can be wanted while textual content is needed to live inside certain numbers of words. ... Word counts can also be used to calculate measures of clarity and to grade typing and studying speeds (typically in words according to a minute).


How is it beneficial?


Word count is essential as it enables you to choose your readers. For example, in case you write a novel and it's floundering, approximately 100,000 words long, then obviously there can be a few readers to whom it isn't always suitable (simply due to the word count).


How to use it?


Count the number of words in part of a document


To count the number of words in the most effective part of your document, choose the textual content you need to count. Then at the Tools menu, click Word Count. Just like the Word computing device program, Word for the internet counts words at the same time as you type.